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Paper Types at Artistically Invited - upper diagonal

A closer look at the paper types offered at Artistically Invited®.

It's understandable that it is difficult to picture how your invitations will look and get a good sense of the paper types just by looking at a product listing online. I have put together this collection of photos to help you envision the paper types I offer for invitations and cards here at Artistically Invited®. They have been photographed on a non-vivid white background so you can see how white some of the paper types are compared to others.

Why only white paper stocks?
Artistically Invited® specializes in fully illustrated invitations and cards. White papers (and light pearl papers) are the best for most accurately displaying these printed designs.


ENVELOPES are listed at the bottom of this page.




Thickness Paper Types - Artistically Invited

All of these paper types are premium thick paper stocks though some are slightly thicker than others. 

From thicker to thinner:

  1. 120# Uncoated Smooth (Currently substituting a thicker 130# stock).
  2. 19pt Savoy Cotton White.
  3. 110# White Felt.
  4. 110# Ice Pearl.



Paper Types - Textures - Artistically Invited


120# Uncoated Smooth (currently substituting a thicker 130# stock):

 120# Uncoated Smooth at Artistically Invited

"Uncoated smooth" may sound basic, but it's a perfectly professional matte finish. It's a smooth and thick cover stock and a great choice for your invitations. It displays the printed illustrated designs in great detail because of its smooth surface and its vivid white color. Uncoated Smooth is a very affordable paper stock, but its quality is not compromised by its price. It may be the least expensive of all the paper types, however it is a high quality paper.

120 Uncoated Smooth up close - Artistically Invited

120# Uncoated Smooth is the default paper type listed by default for every invitation and card.


110# White Felt

110# White Felt at Artistically Invited

The 110# White Felt matte cover stock is a premium paper. The picture above is an A1 size (3.5" x 5"). It's sophisticated texture will upgrade modern, elegant, and rustic designs. This paper selection is a favorite among invitation customers who are looking for an upgrade. It's unique texture is excellent for adding an organic feel to rustic invitation or card illustrations. Its color is more of a natural white than a vivid white.

110 White Felt up close - Artistically Invited



110# Ice Pearl

110# Ice Pearl at Artistically Invited

This 110# Ice Pearl shiny cover stock adds a nice tough of sparkle to your invitations. A premium cover stock, this paper type will add a nice eye-catching touch to your modern and elegant invitation designs. This paper is a great choice for Winter or snowflake themed invitations to add more of a frosty touch. It has a slight off-white pearl color, so it can sometimes slightly effect the color of the printing. It reflects the white ice effect when light shines on it.

110 Ice Pearl up close - Artistically Invited


You can see in the light, how much the ice part of the pearl picks it up when viewed on an angle.

Ice Pearl paper type in the light - Artistically Invited


19pt Savoy Cotton White:

19pt Savoy Cotton at Artistically Invited

This is the newest paper stock to Artistically Invited®. It is a premium cover stock with a luxurious feel. It has a slight texture and is a vivid white which will help the colors in your design print more accurately.

19pt Savoy Cotton close up - Artistically Invited




A closer look at the envelope types offered at Artistically Invited®.

Envelopes at Artistically Invited

Artistically Invited® gives you envelope options with your invitations or cards. The options include both complimentary and upgraded envelope types.

Complimentary (with your invitations and/or cards):

  • 80# White.
  • 80# Cream.

Upgraded (additional cost with your invitations and/or cards):

  • 80# Ice Pearl.
  • 80# Savoy Cotton.
  • 80# Kraft.

Most of the envelopes work perfectly with most of the invitation designs at Artistically Invited®, however I would only recommend the 80# Cream for "warm" designs. Most of the designs have "cool" tones, hues, and color schemes, so the 80# Cream would mostly work for warm brown designs.

Envelopes at Artistically Invited



Go to the home page to start shopping! If you have any questions regarding paper types, please email Amy @ Artistically Invited®.